• Weekly maintenance is done

    Patch Notes

    Updated the list of Daily Missions to avoid any potential missing days. Please note that the list has been updated on the server only and may not appear updated in the client files.



    State of the Game

    As every week, there was a state of the game with Hamish, Yannick and this time also Quentin.

    This time we got a first glimpse of what we can expect from the 1.2 update and what the major changes are. There will be a new Dark Zone Bracket, the loot will be better and more generous and the balancing of the game will be (expect the fixing of the Balance Weapon Talent) only buffs. We currently have no details about these balance changes.

    Here are the important bullet points of the State of the Game. There will be a detailed article about the 1.2 changes, so that we get the full story this time. (This way we don’t repeat the crafting-nerf situation)

    Daily Mission Problem

    They have updated the list of the daily missions, so that there are no more problems
    The file on the client has not been updated only the server side file – and the file on the server has the last word when it comes to these missions (just in case you are checking the game-files)


    New Podcast about the netcode and anticheat measures to clear up some misinformation

    Check it out here


    Spam in chat

    They Implemented measures to identify the spammers – that was not included in the patch notes – so there should be an improvement soon.


    1.2 Updates
    These are general bullet-points that have been stated about the 1.2 update, more detailed information about fixes and loot are further down.


    No Date on that yet, but it is in the testing phase
    There will be a new Daily Mission system that will fix the current problem with the missing dailies
    Testing is very important to not repeat the 1.1 problems and that it is rock-solid this time
    New Dark Zone 200 Bracket for Gear Score 200 players with higher-level enemies and better loot
    Dark Zone 200 Bracket has the best quality loot and good chance to get 204 items and 240 Gear Sets
    There will be 3 Dark Zone Brackets: -160 / 160+ / 200+
    Dark Zone 200 Bracket will only have High End Division Tech
    Dark Zone 200 Bracket will have 32 – 34 NPCs
    Open World / PVE will also get an update with more activities (currently unknown)
    New Dark Zone Activities (still unknown)


    1.2 Confirmed Fixes

    Reckless fixed
    One is None
    Mission Doors not Opening after Matchmaking
    Base of Operation Wings not activating


    Sometimes bug fixes need a client-side update, and while all fixes that can be done server side are pursued when they are possible, sometimes it just needs a client-side patch. This is why they put so many fixes in the 1.2 update.


    1.2 Loot

    They made some changes to get people away from crafting but as of now, they are only half-way there
    High ends drops are more common now but the quality is still low and it is still difficult to get good quality loot – especially in the Dark Zone
    The whole Idea behind 1.2 is to be more generous with loot in terms of quality and quantity
    Looting should become the main-source of your equipment and not crafting
    There will also be less Gear-Mod drops
    Better and more weapons drops (because they can’t be recalibrated)
    Hard Mode / Challenge Missions and Incursions will drop better loot, so that the activity is more rewarding
    All Dark Zone Brackets get better loot, so that you can gear up your char better
    More Gear Set drops from the Supply Drops in the Dark Zone


    1.2 Balancing

    No Nerfs / just buffs
    Balance Weapon Talent is broken – It should only give you a buff when you switch from hip-fire to shoulder. Right now you get always the balance buff – but this will be fixed. This way it will be most useful with bolt-action-rifles
    more details are unknown at this point.